Recommended course

Miyamakirishima (Rhododendron Kiusianum) in Kuju Miyamakirishima (Rhododendron Kiusianum) in Kuju Spots to enjoy Miyamakirishima in early summer. PDF
Makinoto Pass ~ Mt.Ogigahana Makinoto Pass ~ Mt.Ogigahana A course to hike from Makinoto Pass to Mt. Ogigahana, which is famous for Miyamakirishima(Rhododendron Kiusianum) in early summer. PDF
KujuForestParkSkiGround ~ Mt.Misokobushi ~ Mt.Waita KujuForestParkSkiGround ~ Mt.Misokobushi ~ Mt.Waita Hike Mt.Waita starting from Kuju Forest Park Ski Ground to enjoy Miyamakirishima (Rhododendron Kiusianum) in early summer. PDF
Autumn leaves in Kuju Range Autumn leaves in Kuju Range Introducing when and where to enjoy autumn leaves in Kuju Range. PDF
Oike Pond ~ Kakushimizu Oike Pond ~ Kakushimizu Enjoy strolling around Oike Pond, which is selected one of the best 100 water sources in Japan. PDF
Mt.Kuroiwa ~ Mt.Kamisensui ~ Mt. Shimosensui Mt.Kuroiwa ~ Mt.Kamisensui~Mt. Shimosensui Enjoy traversing from Mt.Kuroiwa to Mt.Shimosensui in autumn wind. PDF
Makinoto Pass ~ Mt.Nakadake Makinoto Pass ~ Mt.Nakadake A course to see Lake.Miike, which is just below the peak of Mt.Nakadake. Its water freezes during winter. PDF
Akagawa ~ Mt. Kuju Akagawa ~ Mt. Kuju A course from Akagawa to Mt. Kuju, whose trail was restored in 2017. PDF
Soumi ~ Bogatsuru ~ Chojabaru (Kyushu Nature Trail) Soumi ~ Bogatsuru ~ Chojabaru (Kyushu Nature Trail) A course to enjoy walking along Kyushu Nature Trail in winter. PDF
Noyaki in Spring Noyaki in Spring Introduce how and why the local people have conducted Noyaki (controlled burning) in every spring in Kuju. PDF
Active Volcanoes in Kuju Active Volcanoes in Kuju Introduce the activity, the history, and the blessings of volcanoes in Kuju. PDF
Nyuzanko: The Lord who loved Kuju Nyuzanko: The Lord who loved Kuju Retrace the life of Hisamitsu Nakagawa, the third lord of Oka Clan, who loved Mt.Taisen. PDF
Trailheads with Onsen Trailheads with Onsen Introduce various Onsen located near trailheads in Kuju. PDF