Photo album

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(Refer to the notice below about how to use the photos.)

  • Kisumire (Viola orientalis)01.Kisumire (Viola orientalis)(April)
  • Sakurasou (Priomula sieboldii)02. Sakurasou (Priomula sieboldii)(May)
  • Kitasenrigahama03.Kitasenrigahama(May)
  • Tadewara Marsh04.Tadewara Marsh(May)
  • Tadewara Marsh05. Tadewara Marsh(May)
  • Chojabaru Nature Trail06.Chojabaru Nature Trail(May)
  • Primeval forest in Mt.Kurodake07.Primeval forest in Mt. Kurodake(May)
  • Kuju Highland08.Kuju Highland(May)
  • Nature Tour in Tadewara09.Nature Tour in Tadewara(May)
  • Tsukushidoudan10.Tsukushidoudan (Enkianthus campanulatus var. longilobus) (May)
  • Mt.Hiji11.Mt.Hiji(June)
  • Mt.KujuMt.Kuju(June)
  • Mt.Ogigahana13.Mt.Ogigahana(June)
  • Miyamakirishima14.Miyamakirishima(Rhododendron kiusianum)(June)
  • Bogatsuru15.Bogatsuru(June)
  • Okatoranoo16.Okatoranoo(Lysimachia clethroides)(July)
  • Kisuge17.Kisuge(Hemerocallis vespertina)(July)
  • Nohanashoubu18.Nohanashoubu(Iris ensata var. spontanea)(July)
  • Amagaike19.Amagaike(July)
  • Tadewara marsh20.Tadewara marsh(July)
  • Tadewara marsh21.Tadewara marsh(July)
  • Hankaisou22.Hankaisou(Ligularia japonica)(July)
  • Chojabaru23.Chojabaru(August)
  • Kurasame Fall24.Kurasame Fall(August)
  • Higotai25.Higotai(Echinops setifer)(August)
  • Higotai26.Higotai(Echinops setifer)(August)
  • Kuju-wakare27.Kuju-wakare(September)
  • Miike pond in Mt.Nakadake28.Miike pond in Mt.Nakadake(September)
  • Mt.Iozan29.Mt.Iozan(September)
  • Asagimadara30.Asagimadara(Chestnut tiger butterfly)(September)
  • Kuju mountain range seen from Kuju highland31.Kuju mountain range seen from Kuju highland(September)
  • Sawagikyo32.Sawagikyo(Lobelia sessilifolia)(September)
  • Matsumushisou33.Matsumushisou(Scabiosa japonica)(September)
  • Shirahigesou34.Shirahigesou(Parnassia foliosa)(September)
  • Akebonosou35.Akebonosou(Swettia bimaculate)(September)
  • Tadewara marsh36.Tadewara marsh(October)
  • Rindou37.Rindou(Gentiana scabra)(October)
  • Mt.Hossho38.Mt.Hossho(October)
  • Oike pond in Mt.Taisen39.Oike pond in Mt.Taisen(October)
  • Autumn leaves40.Autumn leaves(November)
  • Tadewara marsh41.Tadewara marsh(November)
  • Chojabaru42.Chojabaru(December)
  • 御池の凍結43.御池の凍結(1月)
  • Hoarfrost44.Hoarfrost(January)
  • Mountain in winter45.Mountain in winter(February)
  • Controlled burning46.Controlled burning(March)
  • Controlled burning in Mt.Sensui47.Controlled burning in Mt.Sensui(March)
  • Hooaka48.Hooaka(Emberiza fucata)
  • Hoojiro49.Hoojiro(Emberiza cioides)
  • Chojabaru visitor center50.Chojabaru visitor center

About the use of the photographs

The copyright of the photographs in our photo album is held by Kuju Fan Club.
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  • It is permitted to use the photos in the photo album not only for personal enjoyment but also for dissemination of Kuju (such as using photos to produce and distribute PR commodity and brochures of Kuju, or to publish them in the mass media). The use of the photos is free of charge.
    It is not necessary to contact us when you use the photos for these purposes. When you use the photos on matters other than the above, please contact Kuju Fan Club office (Chojabaru Visitor Center TEL:0973-79-2154).
  • It is required to put a credit title on the photo you use. The way to put a title is as follows:
    Photograph provided by: Kuju Fan Club
  • The copyright of all photographs is held by Kuju Fan Club.
    It does not mean the copyright is waived in the use of the photos even for the purpose explained above.
  • It is prohibited to use the photos in anything which is contrary to public order, morality and the laws, infringing on copyright, intending libels and slanders, related to political and religious purposes, and linked to any crime or incident.
  • It is prohibited to sell, distribute, hand over, lend or transmit the whole or a part of photo data you download to the third party. It is also prohibited for the third party to use them.
  • At the moment you download or copy a photo here, it shall be deemed that there is such consent as is prescribed in the conditions of use above.
  • We assume no responsibility for any impairment, accident, or other damage due to the use of the photos here.

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