Rules and manners in hiking the mountains in Kuju

Rules and manners in hiking Kuju mountains

It is indispensable to have the proper knowledge about nature and hiking when you hike mountains.
For the safety of hiking and conservation of precious nature in Kuju, it is everyone’s duty to observe the rules and the manners.

  • 1. Plan carefully before hiking

    Most of hiking accidents such as getting lost result from a lack of preparation. It is indispensable to check a map or a website and confirm the schedule, time designation, hiking courses, and so on. Know your limit and choose the course to fit your level.
    In case of hiking in a group, share the schedule with all members of your party.

  • 2. Be prepared well

    It is dangerous to hike with shoes and clothing which are not suitable for hiking. Enough water, a map, a compass, and rain wears are indispensable for hiking. In winter, you may need a pair of light crampons and the items to walk on snow. Check the conditions and the weather of the mountain beforehand, and pack necessary items to avoid troubles.
    contact: Chojabaru Visitor Center Tel: 0973-79-2154

  • 3. Post your hiking registration form

    Hiking registration form can be a clue to find you when you are involved in an accident or a trouble in the mountain. Before you go into the mountain , it is important to fill in the necessary information and post your hiking registration form. Each trailhead has a post for the form. It is also possible to submit the form on the website:
    Oita Prefecture Police Headquarters website about hiking registration form Oita Prefecture Police Headquarters website: Reception page for a hiking registration form

  • 4. Go to the restroom before starting

    The mountaineering toilets are different from the restrooms in town. The toilet in mountains, such as a bio-toilet, cannot deal with much dirt. It also harms nature directly when you defecate and leave trashes such as toilet papaer in the mountain. To protect the nature, it is important to go to the restroom before hiking. (At Kuju-wakare, it is required to donate 100 yen for the use of the composting toilet. It closesd during winter)

  • 5. Refrain from hiking with your pets

    There is a risk that your pet and wild animals could be infected each other. Your pet also could frighten or bother other hikers on the narrow trails. Please refrain from hiking with your pet.

  • 6. Use the rubber tips

    Hikers can stick the trail ground with the sharp tips of their trekking poles, and damage the trails.To reduce the impact of the poles on the trail,use the rubber tips on your trekking poles.

  • 7. Stay on the trail

    Each mountain has the dangerous points or the areas for protecting its vegetation. To prevent hikers from entering these areas, we set the “no entry” signs or extend ropes along these areas. Straying from the route and walking on the plants can damage trails and the ecosystem. Please follow the existing trails.

  • 8. Respect wild plants and animals

    The Kuju Range is a national park where precious nature and wildlife are well preserved up to the present time. Do not pick wild plants, catch wild creatures or harm them.

  • 9. Leave no trace

    There is no trash box in the mountain or at the trailhead. It is your responsibility to take your trash back home.

  • 10. Be careful in handling a fire

    A forest fire could break out due to a hiker’s carelessness, such as throwing cigarette away or pulling the portable gas burner down. To prevent precious nature and wildlife from being destroyed by fire, it is essential to handle fire with the greatest care. It is also forbidden to cook with a fire in the mountain ( using a fire is allowed only at the cooking space in the camp site). In a public parking area, it is forbidden to camp,cook,do laundry, and use a fire.

Mountain weather in Kuju

The weather conditions in a mountain change rapidly and can be rainy unexpectedly. The temperature in a mountain is lower and the wind blows stronger windy and cold than in towns. The mountain peak has no trees , so it is very cold and windy.

It is necessary to check the weather in the mountain before hiking. Depending on the weather condition, you need to change or cancel your hiking plan.

When “unsettled weather”, “stormy weather”, “strong wind warning”, or “lightning warning” are predicted, hikers must be pay special attention to the mountain weather conditions.

During the winter season (from December to February), attaching the snow chains to your automobile is required depending on the snow and the road condition. Before leaving home, check the road condition and the traffic information.

Oita Prefecture Road Condition Information Service
(You can also check the condition of Makinoto trailhead on a video captured by a live camera.)

Contact List

Information about national park and mountain hiking

Chojabaru Visitor Center 0973-79-2154

Tourist information office in Kuju Region(tourist facilities・accommodations)

Kokonoe-machi tourism association 0973-73-5505
Kuju・Handa Plateau tourism association 0973-79-2381
Taketa city tourism association (Kuju Plateau tourism information) 0974-76-1610

Public transportation

Bus Kokonoe Town Community Bus 0973-76-3807
Kamenoi Bus 0977-23-0141
Kyusyu Odan Bus (Sanko bus service center) 096-325-0100
Kyusyu Odan Bus (reservation center) 096-354-4845
taxi Hato Taxi (Kokonoe town, Sujiyu hot spring) 0973-79-2510
Miyama Taxi (Kokonoe town) 0973-76-2121
Kuju Kanko Taxi (Kuju Plateau) 0974-76-1101
Taketa Godo Taxi (Kuju Plateau) 0974-76-0071
JR Bungo Nakamura Station (JR Kyudai line) 0973-77-6824
Bungo Taketa station (JR Hohi line) 0974-62-2318
Yufuin Station (JR Kyudai line) 0977-84-2021
Miyaji Station (JR Hohi line) 0967-22-0071

Public institution

Police Chojabaru residential police box 0973-79-2352
Kusu Police Station (Chojabaru / Makinoto / Yoshibu trailhead) 0973-72-2131
Taketa Police station (Akagawa / Minami / Soumi / Gakurokuji trailhead) 0974-63-2131
Oita Minami Police Station (Shiramizu Kosen / Oike trailhead) 097-542-2131
Administration Ministry of Environment (Kuju Administrator Office) 0973-79-2631
Kokonoe Town Office (Commerce, industry, tourism, nature environment department) 0973-76-3150
Taketa City Kuju Branch (Community Promotion Section) 0974-76-1111