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There are various sights to see in Kuju region. You can casually enjoy the nature at the foot of the mountains, stroll along a nature trail, or try harder cources to traverse from a peak to another.
Here, we would like to introduce major trailheads and sights to see in Kuju so that you can fully enjoy this region.

Kuju map

Chojabaru visitor center

Chojabaru visitor center is a museum facility which introduces Aso-Kuju National Park area. In this center, you can enjoy exhibitions about local nature, a large satellite photograph, or a beautiful short-film about the four seasons in Kuju in a high-definition theater. Just behind this center, Tadewara marsh, which is registered under the Ramsar Convention, is spreading. It is nice and relaxing to walk along the wooden path built through the marsh.

About our facility
About Tadewara Marsh

Chojabaru visitor center
Address 255-33 Ooaza-tano, Kokonoe-machi, Kusu-gun, Ooita prefecture
Telephone 0973-79-2154
Admission fee Free
Business hour 9:00 - 17:00 (from November to April, close at 16:00)
Closed day From December 29th to January 3rd
Parking capacity about 450 vehicles