About opening of the temporary parking lot in Chojabaru area and temporary mountain climbing buses

●opening of the temporary parking lot in Chojabaru area

A temporary parking lot is open in the Chojabaru area.

Temporary parking lot opening period (planned):April 21st~Mid-June

Contact information:Kokonoe Town Hall, Commerce, Tourism, and Natural Environment Division


●temporary mountain climbing buses

The temporary mountain climbing buses are scheduled to operate to ease congestion in parking lots at each trailhead.

Kuju round -trip bus

Operating route:Chojabaru⇔Makinoto Pass trailhead⇔Senomoto trailhead⇔Akagawa trailhead⇔Minami trailhead

Usage fee: one way ¥1,000 / round trip ¥1,500 / annual ticket ¥3,000

*Advance reservation is for use. Please check Sherpa website for details including the time table.

Contact information:Mountain Travel Planning Office (in Sherpa Kumamoto)


Notice for the trail restrictions

Notice: The trails shown below continues to be restricted due to the disaster recovery construction caused by the heavy rain in July, 2020. (As of February 15, 2022)

*Chojabaru trailhead ~Sugamorigoe (Mt.Iozan road)    :  Closed on weekdays ( Open only on Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays) 

*South Trailhead in Taketa  ~the ruins of the main hall of Ikara-ji temple :Closed(~March 31, 2022) 

 On the trail from Akagawa trailhead to Mt.Kuju, the bridge has been restored and possible to walk on normally.  (The bridge had been washed away and you had to cross the river by yourself before restration.)